Holocaust Survivors Reunite After 75 Years #Perspective

Holocaust Survivors Reunite After 75 Years #Perspective


Morris Sana and Simon Mairowitz hadn’t seen one another for 75 years. The two cousins grew up together in Romania, before Nazi forces invaded, forcing their families to flee across Europe. The cousins were split up during their evacuation. Each believed that the other had died in a Nazi concentration camp along with the estimated 6 million Jews who were killed during the Holocaust.

In the aftermath of World War II, Sana and Mairowitz built separate lives after relocating to new homes. Sana, now 87, moved to Israel, where he lives with his family. Mairowitz, 85, lives in the United Kingdom. They never expected to see one another again.

Fortunately, using social media, family members began to connect and they learned that both cousins had survived. They arranged a renion in Israel. What happens next is a tearful reunion of two cousins who hadn’t seen each other since 1942.

Joe’s Perspective: Can you imagine? Imagine what it was like. Small children, playmates, best friends. Nazi’s invading your country. Fleeing, leaving everything behind. Separated, surviving, but believing that your cousin died like most others you knew. Living your whole life, not knowing that the other survived. Probably a short time before you die, you learn the other survived. The tearful reunion. Unbelievable, really.

Stories like this always remind me how good we all have it now. As bad as you might have it, it’s nothing compared to what these men went through. Loss, poverty, death, devastation… they went through it all. You might think you are having a bad day because you did poorly on a test or someone said something mean about you on social media. Stories like this provide me perspective. I hope it does the same for you.

Your Turn: What type of perspective does this story provide you about your life?


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  1. I am so happy that they got reunited and that they could see each other after all these years. I could feel the two men’s emotions through the screen. I can’t believe that they thought that they were never going to see each other again. But there they are meeting each other after 75 years. If i have lost a cousin but then seen them after 75 years i would be really emotional and crying almost all day.

  2. I felt the old guy’s emotions through the screen. I am happy they got reunited because they have missed each other. At one point both of them thought one of them were dead.They thought they were never gonna see each other again which was really really sad. I can’t believe that their families’ would go searching for his cousin. So after 75 years they finally saw each other and they were crying tears of joy and hugging each other tightly.

  3. The fact that the two were separated for so long, makes me want to cry. Also I want to say that they make me wander if that can ever happen to me. This would make anyone ask themselves if this could ever happen to them.

  4. After this video my heart was so touched because if i wouldn’t have seen one of my cousins for 75 years and now seeing them now would be such a miracle. I be crying so much that I wouldn’t be able to feel my eyes at all but im really happy for them. Seeing them hug and talk to each other makes my heart warm. I feel like if that would have happen to me and that i thought that my own cousin was dead but then i see him. I would have been like is this real and then go hug him and cry.

  5. I’m so happy for them. It’s crazy that have even reconnected they could’ve gone the rest of their lives without knowing the other was still alive. It’s something incredible and so touching.They both were so emotional and glad that they reunited. Seeing them hugging and talking in such a long time was so heart warming.This was truly an amazing story.

  6. It provides me the perspective that of course, they had it worse, nothing can compare to millions of people dying because of how they were born and raised.

  7. all hang out with your friend family spend all the time in the world when they are gone there no going back you need keep your head up and keep a smile on your face

  8. the holocaust was very bad and I think that it is great that people survived that and that they could reunite after 75 years of being apart I am very happy for them.

  9. How it would feel to escape something like the holocaust an be reunited with someone that you cared for and thought had died.

  10. I think this is great because they both went through a terrible tragedy that should’ve never happened. For these guys to reunite each other is a blessing.