I Miss 09/12

I Miss 09/12


As I hope you know, 18 years ago today, terrorists hijacked four 747 jets filled with full tanks of fuel and rammed them into buildings with the express intent to kill as many people as possible and terrorize America. Some 2,977 people were killed in these attacks. September 11, 2001 was a sad day in the history of the world. It’s a day that no American should forget.

Something very unique happened the next day. Americans came together. There were not separate political parties or races. We were all Americans. If you had an American flag, you raised it outside your house. People volunteered, gave blood, donated to charities… They went out of their way to help or try to help in any way they could. As an example as a teacher, my students raised $1,500 in three days. We sent that money to pregnant wives who had lost their husbands in the 9/11 attacks. We were part of the millions of Americans who wanted to help. We all put aside our differences and our disagreements and came together as one.

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Joe’s Perspective: It seems sad that it took a terrorist attack to bring Americans together. It seems sadder that we forgot those feelings of unity as time went by. Today it feels very like we live in divisive times. Some Americans today can’t even have discussions with someone because they hold different political beliefs. They’re screaming on the left and yelling on the right. So, like the picture says, “I don’t want another 09/11, but I do miss the America of 09/12.

Your Turn: In your opinion, what can we do to bring unity back to America and Americans?



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  1. In my opinion, we can all stop terrorist attacks by having better security. I feel bad for the people who witnessed 9/11. I hope that the terrorists who flew the planes into the twin towers shouldn’t have done that. I also hope that the terrorists know how much damage they caused when they flew the planes into the twin towers. I also hope that the people who died because of the terrorists had a good life while it lasted. But everything does happen for a reason as a lot of people say. I think that 9/11 happened for a reason too. 9/11 changed a lot of people’s life’s and even ended other’s life’s. 9/11 changed the world and now we have way better security because of 9/11 so, I guess we kinda benefited from 9/11 because we have good security now. All I have to say is I hope nothing like 9/11 ever happens again. Peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. In my opinion to bring back to unity to Americans and America we need to put our differences aside. We need look past the fact that we are different races or have different political views. Doing so will stop conflict which can prevent hatred and negative emotions towards one another. This will show what it was like back on 9/12 after that sad, sad day.

  3. To bring unity back to Americans, we need to set aside our differences and lay down our egos and help others. If we have a disagreement we need to talk it out reasonably and not lash out in anger, or start violence. Better security and planning for the future could help as well.

  4. Unity plays a vital role in the success of a country. To help bring unity back to America, I feel that the leaders of our country should have an event or day dedicated to Americans acting together. However, I do not think that they are the only ones that should be responsible for bringing back unity. I feel that as citizens of America, we should be able to put aside any differences that are causing us to not be together as one.

  5. In order to bring unity back to the Americas we first have to realize that we are all the same. That there are more things that are important then just our selves. We need to realize that life has greater meaning. We need to help our neighbor in times when they need it or be nice to the one person that is struggling that no one likes. Come together and be kind.

  6. In my opinion, we can bring back unity to America and Americans by not fighting as much over little things. For example, in the blog it states that we cannot have a simple conversation because of people’s different political views. If we were to do away with that, then us as America and Americans would bring back some unity.

  7. One thing we can do to bring unity back to America is to come together for the purpose of solving some of America’s smaller but very important problems. For example, recently, we have been having a lot of problems with trash in the ocean. It is posing a threat to many species and needs to be fixed. We need to come together to fix this problem.

  8. unity and peace are only present after a catastrophy. the reasoning behind this is because humans only feel the need to help others when something bad happens to feel better about something else. In this country of our everyone decides to idivualize or create small groups . they are only brought together when something horrible happens to all of them

  9. For the Americans to bring back the unity , we have try to help each others and talk to each other without aruging so we can discuss the important matters and for our future .

  10. What i think we should do to brink unity back to America and into Americans is all unity as one country and forget racism and how you judge a person and all unite together and express all of our sufferings as one we all lived pain in our life and should join together to be one.

  11. In my opinion, we can bring unity back to Americans by listening to other’s viewpoints. By stepping in someone else’s shoes we can zone in with other’s perspectives especially those we disagree with the most. In addition, by paying heed to those who have a different point of view we develop respect, we pay attention, we suppress the urge to disagree, and we try to see their point of view, and we are prepared to change point of view even if they don’t treat us respectfully.

  12. In my opinion it’s sad that such a harmful thing would bring us together. One thing I think we could do to have close to the same unity we had 9/12 Is that people would stop being so sensitive. You say one thing and people start to attack you for voicing your opinion. You don’t have to like my opinion or agree with it but don’t hate me for what I believe. If I disagree with you I’m not going to hate you for it. So I would expect the same thing from people who hear my opinion.

  13. In my opinion we should be more aware of whats around us because things happen that most people we should have better security so something like this doesn’t happen again I also hope that the people who died because of the terrorists had a good life while it lasted. But everything does happen for a reason as a lot of people say. I think that 9/11 happened for a reason too. 9/11 changed a lot of people’s life’s and even ended other’s life’s.

  14. One thing we can give inspiration to make them wanna unit as one. Or give them an answer to why we are americans and to why we built this country. Or share why we need to unit as one as an if we never become as one this country would tear apart because either people can agree with things or terrorist can take advantage of us and make us turn against each other.

  15. In my opinion, America is very divided. Between politics to foods, people are always arguing or disagreeing about something. Something America could do would be to watch what people are being let into the U.S, better security. We could have more defined laws, and more harsh consequences. Having these things would make the world a better place and keep the bad out of the world and help us Unite more.

  16. Something we could do to bring back unity to American and Americans is , helping each other out in times were someone is having a rough day or if something is happening in their life. Another thing we could do is not care about a person’s race or their believes. We should all just love everyone for who they are and not what they are. We also could participate in more public activities with helping people out along with other people even if you don’t know them. American’s should come together like in 9/12 everyday not just when someone terrible happens.

  17. I think Americans can be united together if we all help each other no matter what religion or race.Our country is strong as a whole instead of all our citizens divided from each other over disagreements.If our country is united most decision will be easier to be taken and put into action.

  18. To create more unity in our country is have everyone look at each other as equal and not different. People need to understand that everyone isn’t perfect but they are people and need to be treated the same. So to unite as one we need to see everyone as one.

  19. Something we could do to bring back more unity to Americans and America is we could hold world wide petitions to help fix the things that NEED to be fixed. We should put aside our differences and work with what we have in common. We are all human beings and we all matter, no matter what race, religion, age, or sex we are. In the end God loves us ALL no matter what happens and we just need to keep that in mind and work together. If we work together, better things will happen.

  20. This was a great post. It is sad that it took a tragic event like what happened on 9/11 to bring us together no matter what we are, who we were, the color of our skin, or our beliefs. But this post brought out the bright side the day after a very tragic attack it showed that in time of need we can pull together through thick and thin to help people in need.

  21. What we can do to bring unity in our country is by helping each other even though they don’t ask you still help them. People volunteered, gave blood, donated to charities… They went out of their way to help or try to help in any way they could.

  22. In my opinion we can bring unity back to America and Americans by not seeing differences, like skin color or beliefs, but instead look at each other see each other as Americans because we are already living in the same country so I dont see why we can’t unite and help each other because as it seems we something big like 9/11 just to be united.

  23. In my opinion to bring unity back into America we all need to look at each other as equals. We have to stop looking at someones race or belief and just see then as a person. We need to stop being separated into different groups and start respecting everyone regardless of their political stance or clothing.

  24. One thing I believe we could do to have a similar unity we had on the day of 9/12 is we could stand together during tough times, instead of becoming mad at everyone and everything. Being united will makes a huge impact, it will cause good things to happen. When we stay united we will face the world with power and courage. If you are not strong and do not stay united we will all fall under pressure. If you disagree that’s fine we all have our own opinions.

  25. People can be unified by helping each other and understanding the purpose of us cooperating. It shouldn’t take a disaster like 9-11 to make the United States come together as one. We all need to realize that the future depends on us.

  26. We could get together and unite to be one as a Country. We could not divide everybody by race or republican or democrat and pick the president that would be the best for the country. We should not judge everybody by what they wear or what they eat. We should all stand for the national anthem and we should as be happy that we live in a free country and that we have an army to fight for us.

  27. That was a day that was devastating for everyone, even people who weren’t in New York for the event. In my eyes, the way we could have another day like 9/12, is if we just forget everything, the diversity, the races, and everything and just come together and be Americans. We don’t need another devastating event to come together again we just need to forget about all the negative, and just come together.

  28. In my opinion, we can do many things to bring Americans together again. Sadly, in 2001, a terrorist attack had to occur to bring Americans together. However, we can remember that day as a moment in time to realize how valuable life is and how quickly it could be taken away. Us as Americans should always take that into consideration and love people, no matter their race, political belief, religion, or gender.

  29. Something that we could do to bring back unity is try to find a new cause to fight against. We need to come together like we did on that to help solve other problems that we face. We are Americans and shouldn’t be separated by race or religion or were we came from cause in the end we are all still Americans

  30. I feel like we can’t really bring back unity to America. I feel like it is going to take something like 9/11 to happen again. Us as Americans just will never agree one day to come together because of all our different opinions and beliefs.

  31. Although I didn’t exist during 9-12, doesn’t mean that I would not like to have a good america like 9-12. I would like to have great unity. A way I would like to do to bring back a day like 9-12 is to have them get to know the other person better. This way we can have a day like 9-12.

  32. September 11, 2001 was a devastating day for all people within america and all over the world. While some people believe that the country can come together, we truthfully cannot without a desator accuring again. It might seem like an awful mindset, but all in all it’s the sad truth of our society today.

  33. 9/12 was a day of unity that got the whole country together. Not many people realize how eye opening this event was 18 years ago. For example in the article it states,”We all put aside our differences and came together as one.” The people have lost focus of how important it is to be together as a country. We need to find ways to start coming together more, such as everyone getting along and making an effort to get along, it shouldn’t take an event like 9/11 to wake Americans up.

  34. Well, as a remark to 9/11 indeed it was also a somewhat blessing but too a tragedy it had changed so many peoples mindset and how to view life. On 9/12 was most likely one of the last times America will come together as 1 whole and take into heart what had just happened which was the World Trade Center which had taken out 2977 people just in the buildings. That isn’t including fire, ems, police, etc. Churches were filled, store were empty of Flags, and it was a time of mourning for people. All in all, without tragedy most to all people wish America would or could come together again but it probably won’t happen again.

  35. to unite back america we can find a cause to fight together against. we could come back together and help each other like giving blood, donated, etc.. instead of us going against each others beliefs and fighting against each other we should be united.

  36. What we as Americans can do to bring back unity in America is that we can help bring nations together as one. As Americans we should not be divided by race or color but we should be reunited as one to help all the citizens that are in this world. There is so much hate in this world, instead of us dividing we should be uniting to help people that are in need. We should all stand up together and fight for what we believe in.

  37. In my opinion what we can do to bring unity back to America and Americans like on 9/12 we can have the whole country come together to remember our loved ones that lost their lives on 9/11. Also Just have a time of a quiet time as a whole. We do not have to make america come together just when tragic things happen to America we should have a day so we can have a day of unity in America.

  38. We should make it a holiday for everyone to celebrate.

    We should remember the day and everyone you know get together and celebrate unity.

    There should be a parade in New York that celebrates and mourns for the people that were saved and the people that were lost.

  39. In the end we all are humans whether you have a different race or religion and etc. we are all still humans and i think People should have a voice to change, inspire and encourage people to make a difference in the lives of others

  40. We can get america to act like this again. All People have to do is put the negative thing and the rudeness away any show kindness and love. At the end of every day there could be love people could have dinner at night people could be happy only one thing we have to do to change that and its love one another .

  41. We can start by having more equality and not judge people by race. This is a major issue in America because if changes peoples point of view on a person just based on their race. If we stop this is would help us unite even more and we could solve problems together instead of arguing about it.

  42. To bring America back together we can tighten up security in schools and other places to stop school shootings. I feel if we can stop school shootings we will bring America together again as a country. We will all feel peace in our community and we will feel safer in our nations schools.

  43. The events of 9/11 were terrible and even though I wasn’t born yet to this day and age it makes me sick to my stomach to even think that innocent people who were having a nice day got their day ruined by a bad day in history. First off in my opinion, I believe that Americans need to stop fighting each other and start respecting one another. Second, I believe we Americans need to take more responsibility in to our hands. In addition to what I said about people needing to stop fighting each other, we need to come together and fight the enemy. Finally, I wish 9/11 never happened and god bless all the people who were victims of 9/11.

  44. We can unite the country by everyone putting there differences aside and put all of our griefs aside no matter what they are show respect for one another and try to look back on that and remember all of horrible events that happened on that day and to remember all the good things we have in life instead of all of the horrible moments happened in our country.

  45. In our opinion, a step in the right direction would be to stop dividing our society based on race. To bring back unity in America we should not judge people based on their beliefs. Judging others doesn’t help America to become better again.

  46. I think we as Americans can try and put aside our different political beliefs and realize we are all still a single country. If people would just quit being judgemental based on race, religion, and beliefs, then America would be alot more peaceful.People should all come together because we were all created equally. If we take care of the enviornment and work together and not judge people on the way they look but on the way we work together we all should be treated equally with respect, it’s not too late to save our country. We can do it if we work together as americans, then life would be so much better than now times we can save america and not cuss or hurt people, we all should work together like a family and thank God for our life we have God Bless America.

  47. 9-11 Is something that was awful to America, but the way we came together and helped each other no matter what race you were or who you went for. We should have more safely laws in America.We should all come to our senses and realize that our world needs to be filled with just peace.Come to realization and know that at this time of generation we should just come to world peace.

  48. In our opinion, we feel like America should really unite as a union and work together to make others feel safe and get connected with other people. One way we could do that is to put our differences aside and treat other people fairly. Another way we could make america great is by living everyday like its your last and showing equality and respect towards everyday people. Even if you don’t know other people, you should still treat them like you liked to be treated.

  49. 9/11 was a very surprising event that happened in our history and at the end it brought Americans together and realized that it is important no matter who you are to be unified. A way we can get back to how we were after 9/11 is we can stop judging people by there beliefs and just accept them for who they are . After 9/11 people put aside their differences and they went out of their way to help those who lost family members and those who are in need.

  50. Some reasons we could bring unity back to America and Americans is by not letting the politic party that we side with separate us as a country. Another way we could get closer as a country is coming together as a unit and putting a side all of the political drama. Also if we would do more volunteer hours then we could come together as a community. One last thing that we could do to help to strength of our county is if we stay humble so it can reflect on others.

  51. I think we should not look at each other of what we are instead look at each other of who we are. We should be like people for who they are and treat other’s with repeact.One of the biggest things of respect is listening and paying attention.We need to stop thinking people are bad just cause of who you think they are we need to give some people a chance instead of juding them instead of what you think.

  52. 9/11 was a very sad day for Americans and we should remember it. We should remember it with pride because this day was the day nobody was discriminating or fighting, we were all helping each other. We should also thank 9/11 because now we have more security than before in airports. We also now have cops everywhere in the airport and everywhere in generally. This is what I think about 9/11 and why we should honor it to this day.

  53. 9/11 was a tragic event but 9/12 was also a very important day. It was a day where we all work together. We put aside our arguments. And we help each other. Its a day where everyone came together no matter what race or religion. We learned to accept others. I never want another 9/11 to happen but i really do wish that everyday was like 9/12.

  54. it was cool that after 9/11 every one came together and decided to help the people that were injured like this example: They went out of their way to help or try to help in any way they could. As an example as a teacher, my students raised $1,500 in three days. We sent that money to pregnant wives who had lost their husbands in the 9/11 attacks it was amazing that the students raised 1,500 in three days to help a pregnant lady.

  55. it was cool that after 9/11 every one came together and decided to help the people that were injured like this example: They went out of their way to help or try to help in any way they could. As an example as a teacher, my students raised $1,500 in three days. We sent that money to pregnant wives who had lost their husbands in the 9/11 attacks it was amazing that the students raised 1,500 in three days to help a pregnant lady.

  56. To both political parties in Washington DC. To quote President John F. Kennedy: “Asked not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”. Until this country returns to common sense, the “me” concept will continue. Politicians knock on your door and try to make us believe they want to make a change. It seems we never see the change that is best for this country. They continually play on the wants and wishes of what keeps them in power and not what keeps American safe and secure. Should we allow others into this country, certainly, but come legally. And if you really want to come, carry the flag of the country that you are coming to. There is only one flag that should be carried and flown in this country and that is The American Flag. The pain of 9/11 was something that we should never forget but the unity of 9/12 seems to have been forgotten a long time ago.

  57. We should try and start becoming more whole as a country by doing mass-wide things to bring us together like stopping inequality.