The Impact of Technology

The Impact of Technology



Albert Einstein lived from 1879-1955. He is arguably the smartest person to ever live. He died before the computer, the cell phone, texting, emailing and skype were invented.  Still, he was wise enough to understand that technology might take the place of human interaction. I suppose he wondered what would happen to natural curiosity, exploration of the unknown and the diligence to uncover the next mystery.

Author’s Perspective: I don’t have any definitive answer on this one.  I will say there are negative and positive outcomes when it comes to technology. For instance, I am now able to run my business from the golf course or a boat, which would not have been possible 10 years ago. On the other hand, I know how hurtful and disrespectful it can feel to be constantly interrupted by someone who is on her/his cell phone.  To strike a balance, I use my cell phone extensively during the day, but not during the hours of 5-8 when I am with my family or when I am in a one-on-one meeting.  I just ask you to look at the pictures below and ask yourself the following questions?

1. How are we benefiting and not benefiting from technology?

2. Do you ever feel sad when you see a family out to dinner and no one is paying attention to each other?

3. Can you truly enjoy being with a friend without interacting with “other friends” who are not present?

4. Are you capable of soaking in anything (nature, a sporting event, a concert, a sunset) if you are checking social media, email or texts?

5. How do you feel when you are on a date and your date is paying more attention to his/her phone than you?

6. How do you strike a balance between experience the “now” and using technology?


Dinner with friends in a restaurant…


Enjoying the beauty in a Museum…






Enjoying a special occasion at a friends house …







Enjoying a day at the Beach…








At the stadium supporting the team…









Having fun with the girlfriend…


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