Let’s Start the Year with a Little Kindness

Let’s Start the Year with a Little Kindness


Belle Lindsley, is a senior volleyball player from Ellsworth High School. Recently she had some serious medical issues. She cannot play her senior year because of a brain bleed she encountered before the season. This week, their opponent, Republic County, gave Belle flowers to show their respect and support of all that she’s been through. The card on the flowers read, “We are thinking of you Belle across the state of Kansas!” Please watch the 30-second video below.


Joe’s Perspective: As we get into the intensity of the fall schedule – rivalries, competition and the desire to win – let’s not forget that other things matter more. Things like sportsmanship, compassion and kindness. When someone else is struggling, lend a helping hand. When someone else is hurting, show them that you care. To the players and coaches at Republic County High School, kudos to you. This was a class act.

Your Turn: What are your thoughts and reactions to this gesture by Republic County Volleyball team?

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  2. I think that this is a very kind and supportive gesture, and shows that even if a team is a rival it doesn’t mean they can’t have good sportsmanship.

  3. I thought it was really nice and sweet that they still thought of the other team even though they probably wanted to focus on the championship and winning.

  4. I think it was very wholesome and heartwarming. I would like to be that kind of person on my team both for my team and for others.

  5. I think it is a very nice gesture and shows really good sportsmanship. There is more to life than just winning or losing and we often can get caught up in the heat of rivalries, competition, and the game. It is important to consider other things and to maintain human decency.

  6. I think that the Republic County team gesture was as genuine as you can get in sports. Taking a moment to appreciate the bigger things in life rather than just sports.

  7. I thought this was super kind of them. That shows good character and sportsmanship. Not only as a group but as people of their school.

  8. I like the gesture the republic county volleyball team did for belle,. It shows goods sportsmanship and can encourage others to do the same

  9. This is such a kind gesture! This was very nice of the other team to do, even with the fact that those two teams were going to fight for a win later on. I believe this shows that winning and losing isn’t everything; kindness is still very important.

  10. I feel that the Rupublic County Volleyball team did an amazing thing by giving an injured player from the opposite team flowers, hugs and a meaningful card. I also feel this is a good example of true sportsman’s ship

  11. I think it was really awesome and kind of the opposite team to give her cards and flowers. That shows true leadership, kindness, and respect.

  12. I think it was really awesome and kind of the opposite team to give her cards and flowers. That shows true leadership, kindness, and respect. It was so wonderful to see a team have good sportsmanship.

  13. I think it was incredible that they were aware of Belle’s situation. I think being aware is the first step to spreading kindness like this, and I am glad Republic County was able to share care.

  14. I think that this is ever so sweet and very sad and heartwarming I am praying for you Belle and hope you team dose great this season!

  15. I’m very appreciative that even though the teams may be rivals, they are all good people and care about the other teams feelings. They seem like good people, therefore, reflecting their school.