Millennials are Entitled

Millennials are Entitled


There is this great video that I watched last week that I call the “video of the year.” It is 13 minutes long, but well worth the view. Simon Sinek asserts that Millennials are selfish, lazy,  unfocused and “entitled.” He says this generation is hard to manage. To put it into my language, they lack character, social skills and leadership qualities. He goes on to explain why, through no fault of their own, that they are this way.  This generation was dealt a bad hand. The reasons are poor parenting strategies, technology, impatience and environment.

  1. Poor Parenting Strategies: Kids today are coddled, told how special they are and given trophies for coming in last place.
  2. Technology: People spend so much time on their devices that they have not learned to interact using good social skills.
  3. Impatience: In this American Idol generation, we believe that success comes easy and fast. When it doesn’t, life seems unfair. We need to understand that the things that really matter take time to develop.
  4. Environment:  We then place these individuals in schools that care more about test scores than learning. We then place them in corporations that care more about numbers than people.

Bottom line is this current generation doesn’t have the coping mechanisms, the people skills and the patience to succeed in their careers. And, soon these individuals will be asked to lead and they will not have that ability either. .

Your Turn: Do you agree with what this man says or is he way off base? Support your ideas with logic.

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