When Your Moment Comes…Will You Be Ready?

When Your Moment Comes…Will You Be Ready?


Can’t believe it. Unbelievable. Down 13-0 at the end of the first half of the national championship game, Coach Nick Sabin decides to sit down his starting quarterback, a quarterback who had a 25-2 record. In his place, he starts true freshman,  Tua Tagovailoa, who has never started a college game nor played meaningful minutes.

Despite his inexperience… Despite his youth… Tagovailoa led Alabama to an overtime victory.  Alabama roared back with 26 points. Tagovailoa threw two touchdowns in the second half to tie the game at the end of regulation. In the overtime, Georgia hit a 51-yard field goal to pull ahead by 3. On Alabama’s first play on offense, Tagovailoa took a nasty 18-yard sack. On the next play, he threw a bullet on the money to another freshman streaking down the sideline for a touchdown. Game over!


Joe’s Perspective: How does a freshman who had never played a meaningful down in college football, come in and do that? Poise… execution… clutch… And, he wasn’t the only one. Alabama’s running back was a freshman. The wide-receive was a freshmen. The Georgia quarterback was a freshman as was one of their star running backs. Each and everyone of them stepped up big-time. This is not supposed to happen, but it did. Most impressive.

Your Turn: The question is simple. When your opportunity arrives, will you be ready? Explain.


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  1. Yes, I’ll be ready. I’m always trying to prepare myself mentally and physically so that when I get the opportunity, I can take advantage of it.

  2. Yea I will be ready but there are still little things I need to work on in order to be great. The little things that can take you so far in life.

  3. I will be ready for that opportunity however things happen there are certain things in life I need to be prepared for weather there planned or not.

  4. “Your time” could be anytime. Which is odd because some people will have a game of their life one night and the upcoming night they won’t. But if my time were to come, And my coaches told me, hey this is all you, I think I would be ready. I would then and there feel like a leader.

  5. Yes because I have failed before and learned from my mistakes and experiences. My mindset is continuing to evolve and as long as I stay locked in mentally, I will always be ready

  6. I think I’ll be ready because I put so much hard work and I think I’m dedicated to my sport. And I will keep working hard.

  7. I will be ready when my time comes because I have the mental strength to take on the responsibility and the motivation to make myself the best I can be.

  8. It’s hard to say. I’d like to think I’d be ready. It’s hard to say what “your time” would be but I think it depends on what your calling will or purpose in life would be. I guess I’ll just prepare my self by always living out my “why” or purpose in life and then I will be as ready as possible when “the time” comes

  9. Well, when the opportunity arrives, you’ve got to be ready, so I think that when the chance comes in the first place, you are naturally going to be prepared for whatever it is, or it wouldn’t be there for you.

  10. Yes when my opportunity arrives I will be ready because I will have been waiting and been preparing for the moment when it presents itself because you never know when it’s gonna happen and you’ve got to learn to be prepared for anything life throws at you.

  11. I will be prepared for whatever happens when it comes. I am prepared for whatever comes to me because I work hard. I think through things. Also I take my time and try my hardest when it comes to things to be prepared for.

  12. When my opportunity arrives I think I will be ready. But it is lot of pressure playing your first ever down in your college career in the national championship. You would over come that pressure by thinking I can do this. Then when you win you feel so good.

  13. I may or may not be ready but it’s all depending on if snatch the opportunity. I can work harder than ever but miss the opportunity.I could also hardly work at all and grab it by the horns and then work some after that it all depends on what i do and if I seize the opportunity.

  14. Yes; I think I will be ready. If I stay dedicated to my work or goals then I will be prepared. I’ve been working hard and if I continue that, I can succeed.