No More!

No More!


NFL - Domestic ViolenceThis is a quick follow up to the black eyes that the NFL has recently received after initially glossing over domestic violence issues after two of their premier players – Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice – abused members of their respective families.  I covered this story in a recent blog –

The NFL has never been on the front lines of addressing domestic violence issues… until now. Whether it was a move to save face or a sincere move to confront a serious societal issue, the result is the same.  Millions of fans who sit down to watch an NFL game, now watch a commercial filled with celebrities voicing a powerful unified message – No More Domestic Violence! (this is the 1 minute commercial)

I would like to applaud the NFL for taking such a bold and proactive measure to address the issue.  What do you think?



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  1. Domestic violence has been around for quite awhile and it has affected many. Some people witness it, but they do nothing. Some do it because they were abused the same way. If people realize how it could affect others, they wouldn’t do it.

  2. My dad loves watching the NFL channel, and every once in a while,I’ll watch it with him. I have seen a few shows on NFL and on most of them, for the past few weeks, they have been about Adrian Peterson abusing his 4 year old son. Even though most people really stress the age of the poor child, I do not think age really matters in a situation such as this. Mr.Peterson has said his apologies, I feel he needs to take a bigger stand for what he has done.

  3. This is a needed step to stop something that is unnecessary and barbaric to say the least. I support NFL’s campaign to end domestic violence.

  4. I think that this has been happening for a while now and that it is good that the NFL is finally starting to take recognition. If they would have never stepped forward to say all this, then people would think that it would be okay to keep doing it. When in reality it is a crime. This is a large issue that is very important.

  5. Domestic violence has never been a good; people who hit or hurt usually were hit or have angry issues. I believe that people should be treated with respect and if they do not give respect do not get mad just do not give them respect. I really think its nice that NFL players are supporting to stop domestic violence. They are doing a lot to help people around.