Pistorius – The Ultimate Lesson On Anger Management

Pistorius – The Ultimate Lesson On Anger Management


On Valentine’s Day, Oscar Pistorius allegedly (we just can’t officially say it) killed his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. He says that he mistook his girlfriend as a burglar and shot her through the bathroom door. Unfortunately for him, witnesses testified that they heard arguing in the residence before the killing and Steenkamp’s autopsy revealed that her skull was fractured by a cricket bat before she was shot (sorry to be so brutal). There might be a few holes in his story.


Pistorius, a.k.a the “Blade Runner,” is the double-amputee athlete who ran the 400 meters and anchored the mile relay team wearing prosthetic legs for the South African Olympic team. He was an icon, an inspiration and a positive role model for so many. He had the love and admiration of the world. His girlfriend, Steenkamp, was a beautiful model with a tremendous future.

Lesson # 1 – A Crime of Rage: I’m telling you, this is the classic case of a man who couldn’t control his temper and became enraged over something that came between him and his girlfriend. This was a crime of passion and rage. Who knows for sure, but one thing led to another and she probably said, “You’re crazy, I am outta here.” He said, “No one leaves me.” She went to leave. He grabbed a bat and…

Lesson #2 – No Take Backs:  If he were not lying to keep himself out of prison, he would say how sorry he is and that he would do anything to take it back. Here is the main point that you must learn from this story – some things you can’t take back… do over… or change the outcome. Instead of using reason to make a good decision, he let rage influence this irreversible decision…and sorry can’t fix it.

Lesson # 3 – Anger Ruined 2 Lives: In a moment of rage, both lives were irreversibly altered. She was killed and he will only see life through bars until the day he dies.  And, he could have just made a different decision and walked away… talked it out… left her for another woman. Anything, besides the terrible decision he made.

Lesson # 4 – This Happens Every Day: Make no mistake about it, stories like this happen hundreds of times a day in this crazy world we live in. Lives are changed – no ruined – because someone can’t control his/her temper. These cases don’t get the news coverage that this high-profile case did, but even as you read this post, life and death decisions are being made.

Lesson #5 – Someday It Will Be Your Choice: It’s easy to point a finger at Pistorius, but remember we are all human, capable of making wonderful and terrible decisions in the blink of an eye. We could probably find hundreds of people to say Pistorius is a tremendous individual who is not capable of committing this type of act. 99.99 percent of his life was probably filled with good decisions. It’s the .01 that changed everything. There will be moments in your life when you become enraged over something that somebody did to you, and it will probably be a loved-one.  I beg you to please keep your composure and make wise decisions at these critical moments. Learn from this case and heed these lessons.

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