Police Hand Out Turkeys Instead of Tickets

Police Hand Out Turkeys Instead of Tickets


This is a simple story, one that is repeated over and over in city after city. Police departments team together with grocery stores to give out Turkeys prior to Thanksgiving. In this case, Miami Gardens Police Department partnered with Publix Grocery Store and Walmart Superstore to give out 100 turkeys. Here’s how it works: the police pull over citizens for apparent traffic violations, and once pulled over, a police officer gives away a turkey, instead of a ticket.

As police chief Delma Noel-Pratt said, “It’s always good to give back. It’s not always about enforcing the law. Sometimes it’s about giving a helping hand to someone who is in need.”

Joe’s Perspective: This is a great example of community at its best. Police helping their citizens. Local business donating the food. Citizens being grateful. Just remember this type of situation occurs in a hundred communities each year. It happens in another 100 communities for Christmas. Just look for it on Youtube or Google and you will see what I mean.

I believe most people are inherently good. People donate money, volunteer their time and give back to less fortunate people. It happens thousands, if not millions of times a year.

Your Turn: What do you think? Are people inherently good? Explain.

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  1. Police are very nice. These police officers gave people a turkey instead of a ticket . The people that received the turkey were very thankful . They were thankful because some of them couldn’t pay for their turkey.These police officers are thankful for their life . Also because they are thankful they gave back to the people in need.

  2. I think that it is very kind and sweet that the police officers are giving turkey to those people who are going to the airport.I think that everyone should watch this video because this video shows people an act of kindness. When the police officers gave the turkey to the people they looked so happy!I think this should be done everywhere around the world.this video also encourages me to always be kind.This is my comment on this video!

  3. this is why i love thanksgiving its the season of giving. i love how the chief is giving a turkey for people that maybe can’t afford. and i like how she faked giving people tickets. and every man and woman should have a turkey on thanksgiving day. the people where very happy that they got a turkey.

  4. I thought that what the police did was really thoughtful and nice. You would usually think that police are cruel and scary but this police showed another side of police men and women. Sometimes people are inherently good. Here at my school we give back a lot for example, this Christmas or any Christmas we have we always donate toys for kids that don’t have none. This is a example of good people. Some people can be really selfish and don’t even care about people in need. I mean they don’t have to care but they should. They can have 100 pair of shoes but half of those pairs don’t even fit them. Yet they still just have them laying there in good shape and don’t even give them away. I mean if it’s a really good pair then I wouldn’t give them up either. I’m a really big sneakerhead but still all people should give back!

  5. This story shows how nice these police are by giving out free turkeys for Thanksgiving. The people who received the turkeys should be really appreciative and thankful for the kind offer by the police department and the partnered grocery stores. I think most people are inherently good and we should appreciate when they do kind acts such as this.

  6. I don’t think people are inherently good. I think it takes a young teaching of charity in our youth by their parents and community. If at a young age people are not taught that giving to the less fortunate is something that they should do if they can, then it is likely that they may never do it, especially if the parent’s themselves don’t.

  7. Yes, there is good in everyone but most people don’t show because they don’t have something good in their life or don’t wanna show it.

  8. I think that policemen doing this is very helpful and kind. Some families don’t have enough money to have a Thanksgiving dinner, or even enough to buy just a turkey to eat together. If I were the one who got pulled over I would most definitely be scared and wonder why I’m being pulled over, but when I get handed a turkey, my day would be made.

  9. I think that this is an amazing act that these police officers did. People are in need of food and it’s a nice surprise to expect a ticket and receive a turkey to feed yourself or your family. I think that people are good and that a few bad people shouldn’t change that.

  10. I believe that this is a great way for police to help out the community. Some people are scared of police and don’t want anything to do with them, but this shows them that police aren’t like what they are fearing. Some people can be inherently good, but not most people are. Just look at children, observing someone as a child can easily tell you if someone is inherently good. Most inherently good children keep that trait into adulthood.