“We Put a Huge Premium on Body Language”

“We Put a Huge Premium on Body Language”


“We put a huge premium on body language, and if your body language is bad you will never get in the game…EVER!” These are the words of Geno Auriemma, Head Women’s Basketball Coach, UConn, the man that has led his team to 11 national championships.

He claims that recruiting “enthusiastic” “upbeat” kids is tougher today than ever. The reason is that today’s kids are watching professional athletes act “cool” and think this is how they are supposed to act.

Joe’s Perspective: I believe all young athletes should heed the advice of Coach Auriemma. As a parent, I want my kids to play sports for three reasons – 1) to learn to compete, 2) to have fun and 3) to learn valuable lessons that can be translated to other aspects of life. One of the greatest coaches on the face of the planet is begging you to show your emotions – be passionate, be enthusiastic. I suggest your listen… if you want to play, that is.

Your Turn: What do you think about Coach Auriemma’s message?

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