“We Put a Huge Premium on Body Language”

“We Put a Huge Premium on Body Language”


“We put a huge premium on body language, and if your body language is bad you will never get in the game…EVER!” These are the words of Geno Auriemma, Head Women’s Basketball Coach, UConn, the man that has led his team to 11 national championships.

He claims that recruiting “enthusiastic” “upbeat” kids is tougher today than ever. The reason is that today’s kids are watching professional athletes act “cool” and think this is how they are supposed to act.

Joe’s Perspective: I believe all young athletes should heed the advice of Coach Auriemma. As a parent, I want my kids to play sports for three reasons – 1) to learn to compete, 2) to have fun and 3) to learn valuable lessons that can be translated to other aspects of life. One of the greatest coaches on the face of the planet is begging you to show your emotions – be passionate, be enthusiastic. I suggest your listen… if you want to play, that is.

Your Turn: What do you think about Coach Auriemma’s message?

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  1. I agree,why would you let a kid i n the game when all they have been is rude.Its like that at cheer practice too if your giving the coach an attitude then you have to sit out for the rest of practice.When your on a team you cant act like your better than everyone because then that ruins things for everyone else.Then your team mates are in a bad mood and so are your coaches.So yes i agree with that coach.

  2. I think that his message is amazing. He wants to Have more teamwork in his team. He will bench people that say me me me and put in a person that will say we we we, no matter how good they are. If you have bad body language, you are not putting in the effort for the team. Vice versa, if you do have good body language, you will have a positive effect on the team. This is especially for the people on the bench. That is why I agree with Coach Auriemma’s message.

  3. Coach Auriemma’s message makes sense to me and I agree with him because when you are on any sort of team weather it is for plays, sports, even music and you make it all about your self you’ll make the play mess up lines or not want to go. If you make it all about yourself during a sports game you won’t win you might not even get points. If you make it about yourself in music the band will sound out of key. You have to have a team no matter what to help you get through the play, win the game, and make the concert sound good.

  4. I think Coach Auriemma’s message is a very strong message which should be heard. The topic which he brings forth is very important. Coach Auriemma is talking about body language and one’s selflessness. Body language has such a strong effect on how people see you and whether or not you are someone who they would want to be around. As he stated, your body language can show whether you care to be participating in the activity you’re in, or how selfless you are as a person. The way he displayed this message is very important because it’s not always talent that wins, sometimes the way you act and the kind of person you are has a much stronger impact.

  5. I think that this coach is a very good one and if someone does not have a good attitude about something or they do not look like they want to do it there is no point in putting them in. He said he would rather lose then have people play that have bad body language which is really good to do. Not every coach would tell their best player to sit because they have a bad attitude about the game or they are being rude to the other team. Others coaches can learn from Coach Auriemma ways of making sure their team represents themselves in a good way and not a bad way. Also, kids can learn from this that if you want to play act like you want to play and be kind to others then you will get a lot farther in your life.

  6. I agree with Coach Auriemma because if you enjoy what your doing and it makes you happy it makes you easier to coach, play with and root for and the best way to know if your happy is through your body language.

  7. It’s a great message because he telling everyone to work as a team and everyone have a positive attitude and body language no negative energy and to have fun with the game don’t ever feel bad when u make one mistake just make up for that mistake

  8. I believe Coach Auriemma message is a valuable one because if you don’t love or even like what you are doing why are you there. If you are not there to compete with a positive vibe to show that you wnat to be there why be there at all. It really does speck to you that if you wnat to play, want to participate you would go out if your way to make sure that you love for the sport or competition will show. Having you body language be an effect of that want to be part of it.

  9. Coach Auriemma has been coaching women’s basketball successfully for many years. Any message that he has probably has truth to it, especially this one. Players who are enthusiastic and encouraging of others not only create better opportunities for themselves, they can raise the morale of the whole team. I have been on teams with people who act disinterested or rude because they think they’re entitled or that it’s cool, but it’s frustrating and can create bad chemistry between players.

  10. Coach Auriemma’s message is truly inspiring. I think every athlete should watch this interview. Coach Auriemma has a reputation with his team and their winning streak. However he never forgets the most important aspect of any type of game, you’re attitude. No matter if you’re on the bench or on the field you always need a positive attitude and to spread positivity to all your teammates and always lift them up no matter what.

  11. I agree because body language, both positive and negative, can affect the attitude of teammates and coaches. Enjoying your sport and showing that allows coaches to see how committed and motivated you are to have a successful season. Body language such as hands on your hips or having your arms crossed, feel unwelcoming towards coaches and players, especially in a tryout environment.

  12. I agree as well, if a kid has a bad attitude what is stopping them from having the same attitude out on the court and releasing that bad attitude to other who are trying to have fun and play the game.

  13. I agree with the coach because, if you are in a sport especially in a sport thats up higher in knowledge level. You should be grateful your even there and grateful that you haven’t got your minutes cut. Athletes have to be professional because, they are the face of the school, and the organization. So bad body language for no reason is unacceptable.