Secret Santa Provides Joy!

Secret Santa Provides Joy!


This is such a great story, I find it difficult to provide meaningful comment. Watch and enjoy!

Author’s Perspective: (1) I am a blessed man with a tremendous job, a fabulous family and very few worries. I sometimes forget how $100 can absolutely change a person’s life. It means the difference between eating and not eating, paying a heating bill or being able to purchase Christmas gifts for your children. (2) I also forget how one person or one random act of kindness can create so much joy and excitement in another person’s life. (3) This video reminds me to give more and do more for others. I hope this story inspires you to do the same.

Your Turn:

What kinds of thoughts and feelings do you have after watching this video?


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  1. Its amazing how someone can take there own money and give it to others in need, shows that there are still great people in the world. good that they want to make others trust the police more.

    1. Post

      The guy supplying the money is not a cop. He is a business man that wanted to get the cops involved. Still, what makes you think there aren’t more nice cops out there? Remember, police officers are just like all of us, they just chose a different profession. They have families – spouses, kids, moms and dads. They have dreams and aspirations. They have troubles and difficulties. Remember that we are all human.

  2. After reading this article i felt happy. It seems like a good gesture to do to people who need the money. It was heartwarming when the people were caught off guard and they teared up. This helps people trust cops again after everything on the news. i believe more police should do this and help out their community.

  3. i think that it cool how cops are going out there and giving 100$ to random people and its always nice to bring joy to other people even if it for one day or a holiday and besides it always nice to get 100 dollars

  4. Its pretty cool that the cops actually did something good in a long time. Yeah they risk their lives to protect other but lately they’ve been doing nothing. You may have a different feeling about this this is how I feel about this.

  5. Honestly, if this happened to me, I would be thrilled and joyful. My mom doesn’t have a lot of money so I would give it to her as a Christmas present. She’s my mom and she deserves the best. I’m very thankful for her and it makes me sad when i see her suffer. What would you guys do with the money?

    1. Jacob I hope that someday you can help your mom and others in need. You are already on the way with trying to help her out. I think that random acts of kindness are the most genuine. It is very rare that people give without expecting something in return. I think this is a lesson we can all learn from.

  6. I think this is wonderful. We don’t usually see people doing great things like this, and that’s really sad. More of us should use this as an example to make others happy. We often get so caught up with ourselves that we don’t realize other people’s pain. We need to start giving more and expecting less. Even the smallest act of kindness could mean a lot to someone…

  7. I think that is so cool because people theses days barely do great things and it’s nice once in awhile seeing people do good things. We don’t realize what people are good anymore.