Sharing Gold

Sharing Gold


In the high jump event at the 2021 Olympics, Qatar’s Mutaz Essa Barshim and Italy’s Gianmarco Tamberi both cleared 2.37 meters but failed to reach 2.39 meters on all three tries. The official approached the athletes to discuss the jump off. At that point Barshim asked if it is possible to share gold. The referee’s response, “It is possible…” With that the two athletes looked at each other and they instantly agreed. Tamberi jumped into Barshim’s arms and both began to celebrate. It was a magical moment.

Sharing gold is very uncommon. The last time it happened was 1912 in the decathlon. It has also happened in 1908 in the pole vault event. In the winter Olympics, it recently happened when Simone Manuel and Penny Oleksiak e Manuel swam the same 52.7 seconds in women’s 100m freestyle. However, this time it was different. This time the two decided to share the gold. “Sharing with a friend is even more beautiful… It was just magical,” Tamberi said. In the same interview, Barshim called Tamberi one of his best friends. “We’re always together almost. True spirit, sportsman spirit, coming here and delivering this message.”

Joe’s Perspective: There are more important aspects than winning. Friendship is one and sportsmanship is another. These two athletes had been competing against each other since 2010. They both had endured ankle injuries that could have ended their careers. Each supported the other through these tough times. These two athletes from different countries and different cultures created an enduring friendship. They both knew what the other had gone through to get to that moment. So, when the opportunity to share gold was presented, it was a foregone conclusion. And, it will be a moment they will never forget. Likewise, we will not forget their example of sportsmanship.

Your Turn: What do you think of their decision to share the gold on the world’s biggest stage?

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  1. I liked the players decision of sharing the gold medal. It shows that the olympics isn’t just to win win and win but to build up relationships and friends while learning

  2. I think it is a good choice because they were showing that winning isn’t everything and that there is stuff more important than winning.

  3. I think their decision to share was a good one. Potentially ruining their friendship, careers, or lives over their own competitiveness isn’t worth it. Winning isn’t everything, and these guys proved it.

  4. I think their decision was probably a good one, they already have a great friendship and you shouldn’t ruin that, however if I was in their shoes I would have a hard time sharing gold, I would probably want to keep competing for it because that’s the type of person that I am.

  5. I think that sharing the medal position and bonding over a friendship is way more important than devastating another person because these athletes train their whole lives for this moment and may never get a second chance. I would rather have a live long friendship than some metal disk that said I was #1. It’s the real value of things that count.

  6. They’re decision shows that friendship is as important as the championship. They both achieved their goals while keeping their friendship.

  7. I liked that they put each other before themselves. Although winning is important, they know sportsmanship is more important.

  8. I liked that they put people before themselves. They know winning is important but to have good sportsmanship is also important.

  9. I liked that when the opportunity presented itself, they thought of others and not just themselves. It’s a good reminder that sports is just a game and being kind and thoughtful of others is more important.

  10. I think that them sharing gold was a good decision. To win a gold medal is in itself an accomplish it, but to share it with a friend is even more so.

  11. I belive that they made the right choice to share the gold because they were able to keep their friendship alive and were both able to bring home a gold medal to their countries.

  12. I liked that they both agreed to share gold. It’s refreshing to see that both didn’t try to over do themselves just to beat the other and they were able to both get what they wanted.

  13. I liked that they both agreed to share gold. It’s refreshing to see that both didn’t try to over do themselves just to beat the other and they were able to both get what they wanted..

  14. I think their decision was right and fair. I think sportsmen’s is huge in sports. If you don’t know how to be a good sport then you shouldn’t be playing the sport at all.

  15. I think they did the right thing because they were being fair with eachother and keep their friendship, and they brought the gold medal home for their country.

  16. I think this is a really good story it is good that they did jot even hesitate to share the gold medal. This is showing really good sportsmanship!

  17. I think they definitely made the right decision. However, I would have a hard time doing it because I’m competitive but if I were in their shoes, I think I would end up doing the right thing and share the gold.

  18. I think that they made a good decision, even though we are competing against each other it shows that we are kind and respectful towards our opponents. Sharing gold is showing good sportsmanship.