Still Think Honesty Doesn’t Matter?

Still Think Honesty Doesn’t Matter?


Jermaine Jones, also known as the Gentle Giant, on American Idol was booted off the show because he had four warrants out for his arrest. Apparently, he did not disclose this information or the incidences that led to these charges.  In this video clip below, the producers say that they would have worked with him to clear up his record had he been honest, but because he was not honest, they had to let him go.

While I do not approve of the public way they outed Jermaine on public television without any warning and the fact that they didn’t talk to him more about these matters before making their final decision, this needs to be another reminder that whenever you lie or try to cover something up, it usually comes back to bite you.  In this case, his shot at becoming the next American Idol was lost.

Discussion Questions:
1) What kind of advice do you think Jermaine would give to someone else in his shoes?
2) Do you think that you would have disclosed these warrants for your arrest? Would you have discussed it with people on the show and asked for assistance?
3) Have there been times in your life when you lied about something and it hurt you in the long run?
4) What is your opinion about how the executives at American Idol handled this issue? What would you have done differently if you were in their shoes?

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