Strangers on Subway Sing ‘Over the Rainbow’

Strangers on Subway Sing ‘Over the Rainbow’


Picture yourself on your way to work (or school). It’s cold, it’s early and you are tired. You are with a bunch of total strangers. You just want to mind your own business and get to your destination. Then, some random stranger breaks out in a joyful song and invites everyone to sing. It is a blatant attempt to get you out of your grumpy tired mood and spontaneously sing along… smile… laugh.

Joe’s Perspective: Randy Pausch, author of The Last Lecture famously said, “There are two kinds of people – Tiggers and Eeyores” (I hope your parents read Winnie the Poo to you). Tiggers are enthusiastic creatures who engage in life experiences. They bring joy to others. Eeyores are pessimistic creatures who let opportunities pass them by. They suck the joy out of people. I like to think of myself as a Tigger. I would like to think that I would not let my terrible singing voice get in the way of a little spontaneous bonding and laughter.

There is a lot of research that says a smile can change your mood. Try it. When you are stressed, overwhelmed, or sad about something, just smile. Better yet, close your eyes and recall an experience that brought you great joy. It’s hard to hold two opposing emotions in tandem at the same time. It’s difficult to be angry and happy at the same time… or sad and enthusiastic. Life is supposed to be about the lived experiences. I hope that you are taking advantage of those experiences and/or creating them as you go. I know most of you who are reading this blog post are 15, but someday (God willing) you will be 33, 53 and 73. Enjoy your life. Be a Tigger. Sing on the subway. You only get one life! Let’s go!

Your Turn: If you were on this subway train, how do you think you would have responded? Why?

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  1. I don’t think that i would have sang but it probably would have lifted my mood. I don’t think I would feel comfortable singing in front of that many people.

  2. i have no idea if i would join, i have high stress levels and i get really shy in front of other people that i don’t know that much and i try to go out of my way, and help others laugh and make them happy but i am sure if i were with my mother or a friend we would sing together.

  3. I honestly think that I would have been kind of weirded out at the beginning. After realizing that it’s not the big of a deal, I would have joined in.

  4. I probably would have just stayed quiet and listened honestly. I am kind of shy in public situations. Just kind of depends on how scared I was.

  5. I think I would have been quiet at first then I would probably have sang along to it. Because it’s a good song to sing along to.

  6. I might have been confused at first, but if everyone started singing along having a good time I would have started singing along and having a good time

  7. I would have started singing along because I could make someones day. As well as I probally wouldn’t see them ever again so there is no reason to be embarresed.

  8. I would have joined in on the singing. Maybe I would’ve danced a little jig as well. I would of done it, because i don’t care what people think, and I like to try and live in the moment.

  9. I would want to say I would sing along with them. But i also know myself to well because I would be one of the people hiding scrolling on my phone.

  10. I would 100% join. I think that little things like that are so fun and bring us together as people. Your most likely never going to see those people again so have fun with your life.

  11. If I was on that subway train, I would have responded with smiling at first. As time went on, I would probably join in on the singing because I enjoy when people around me are happy. Adding to the amount of people singing would only increase the joy occurring in that subway train, which would only improve my day, and hopefully others as well. Even if I was having a bad day, joining in on the fun would still happen since I just like to join in when fun moments like that occur.

  12. If i was on this subway i would have TOTALLY join and sang along. I love to express myself through enthusiasm and i know life is short so when an opportunity to enjoy the little things in life come my way i take that opportunity. I love doing crazy, spontaneous things in life because it brings the positive in me out to play.

  13. I would’ve just put my airpods in, or done someone like vibe along but by no chance and I’m going to be singing on a subway with a group of strangers no thank you. I do not like people

  14. I would not have sung along with them because I really don’t like my voice. I would be too shy and probably just ignore/zone them out.