The Importance of Sportsmanship

The Importance of Sportsmanship


There are a number of controversial blog posts in the upcoming weeks, but I thought for week 2, we should focus on something inspiring – sportsmanship. To be honest, I don’t know this tennis player, Grigor Dimitrov. He is from Bulgaria and he is ranked #18 in the world of singles tennis. I’ve never seen him play before, but after watching this video I am a complete fan.

In fact, Grigor is a beloved figure in the world of tennis. Just listen to the fans applaud him when he shows good sportsmanship. Even the announcers say, “It’s nice to see. A class act.” Grigor has received sportsmanship awards from the ATP (association of tennis players) and he has been recognized in two separate years by his country.

Like all competitors, when Grigor steps on the court, he wants to win. However, he reminds us that we are all human first. When an official needs help, do what you can. When a competitor goes down, make sure they are okay. When fans come to support you, make sure to say thank you.

Being a good sport is not a cliché and it is not a burden. No one will think less of you if you lend a hand to your opponent when they are on the groundsp. Even if your opponent is from the hated rival school, always remember that this is just a game. We each go home to our families after the game and eat at the same restaurants.  So, during this upcoming season, find ways to show good sportsmanship before, during and after your games.

Your Turn: If you had to rate your sportsmanship on the athletic field on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best), what number would you give yourself and why. Can you give an example of how you have displayed good sportsmanship in the past?


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  1. I’d say around a 7 or 8 when an opposing player goes down I’ll ask them how they’re doing afterwards, I help people up once the play is over.

  2. I think an 8 because I always respect my opponents and the officials. If another player is injured I do my best to always check on them and ask if they’re okay.

  3. I’d say my sportsmanship is about a 8 unless parents or players start making comments then it might go down to a 7. For example, if the ball was a strike and the ump called it a strike but the other team kept making comments, I might be like “that was definitely a strike” but that’s about as far as I go. A time that I’ve had good sportsmanship the past year was when one of the players on the other team got hurt, I asked if they were okay.

  4. I would rate my sportsmanship a 9 out of 10.After every wrestling match I always respect and shake my opponents hand.

  5. I would rate my sportsmanship a 9 out of 10.After every wrestling match I always respect and shake my opponents hand. I always show respect and expect the fact that they are better.

  6. I would give myself a 9 because I’m always there for my own teammates as well as the other team such as cheering them on and complimenting their rounds when I talk to them. I also include any team to play games during awards.

  7. I would say my sportsmanship is a 9. I think it is important to show good sportsmanship because as an athlete you want to play against other people with good sportsmanship and so you should show them the same respect that you want.

  8. I would rate myself on a scale of 1 to 10 a 7 to 8 because on the football Field when a Player does a good job I will complete them and tell them good job

  9. I would give myself an 7 or 8 rating on my sportsmanship. If an opposing player is on the ground I try my best to help them up.

  10. I would rate myself around 7 because I always make sure I offer a smile or at least a good game/race to my competitor. In swim after I finish my race I always make sure to lean over the lane to tell the person next to me good job and if I see a judge I try to thank them when possible.

  11. I would say my sportsmanship is a 9. I am respectful to my opponents and teammates at all time. And I think that it is very important to have sportsmanship because we are representing our school, team, and family when we go out on the field.

  12. i would give myself a 8 because i am very competitive but i also know when someone else needs help. One time i stopped playing and kicked the ball out of bounds to go see if a girl was okay after a hard tackle.

  13. I would give myself a 7 because I make sure the guy that’s injured is ok and at the end of the game tell the other team good game. But some times I do feel I get into the game a little to much

  14. I would give myself an 8 because there are times when I get so full of myself but still care about my teammates enough to support them and the other team

  15. i would give myself an 8, sometimes it’s hard to show happiness and sportsmanship when the other team isn’t showing it back. i try to always tell the people next to me good job after a race.

  16. I would rate myself a 7 or 8 because I am a good sport I just don’t go out of my way to do anything. I make sure to tell my competitors good game or lean over the lane to high five someone. I sometimes forget to thank officials which I can work on.

  17. i would say my sportsmanship is a 9 out 10 because i try to keep cool and not get mad at my teammates and keep a positive attitude

  18. I would give myself about a 8 or 9. No matter what team I am playing Im going to be as respectful as I can especially towards my own team. This just also coming from I try to keep a positive mind set.

  19. I would give myself and 8 because I try my best to show respect to my opponent. After, each match I shake their hand and their coaches.

  20. I would rate myself a 9/10 on sportsmanship. I always congratulate other runners on their races whether they beat me or were behind. I also give words of encouragement a lot to my teammates and even other teams.

  21. If I was grading myself, I would say that I’m an 8 because I have no problem helping an opposing player up or being respectful to officials and such, however there are sometimes in a chippy game where I can also get chippy with the other team, because I want to stick up for my teammates.

  22. I would rate my sportsmanship 9/10 because I encourage my team mates and encourage other teams to do their best. At our last meet I finished my run and went to cheer on my other team mates that came in behind me and other girls running with them.

  23. I think I would write my sportsmanship 7out of 10 I always try to be nice to opponents but sometimes it’s hard when you’re in the heat of the moment and you want to win a game

  24. I would say that my sportsmanship is an 8/10. I always cheer on my team mates and sometimes the other team. But sometimes I get a little fired up and get angry.

  25. I would say that I am a 8/10 because I can get fired up and become a little aggressive but when I am not fired up then I always help the team and cheer them on when I am on the bench.

  26. I would give myself a 9 out of 10 because i always am kind to people on the field. Also, if someone falls down or something like that, i normally ask if they are ok.

  27. I would rate my sportsmanship a 9/10. I’m not always perfect, but I almost always am sportsmanlike, even if the other team is not.

  28. I would give myself a 6 because I dont feel like to be rating myself by something that would be seen by other eyes and not my own, all I know is that I want the best from either side of the game and to let everyone know that we tried even if we loose we tried our best

  29. I’d give my self a 9/10. I try to be honest with my teammates and I am a great encourager. My team knows I’m the positive one and they see that when I’m in a good mood I will do everything to make sure that they’re bad days get turned into good days or their good days into great days.

  30. I think an 8 because I am a great teammate and I love to be apart of my team but I also have a bad attitude sometimes but I try to change it

  31. I would say that I have good sportsmanship probably a 7or 8 out of 10 if someone gets hurt on the opposing team I will see if there alright and when we have to wave I always wave and say good luck and smile to be nice

  32. I would give myself a 8/10. Sportsmanship is the key to playing sports. Everyone should have sportsmanship, helping someone who is hurt or shaking the opponents hand after the game.

  33. I would say that my sportsmanship is about an 8 because in the moment I do like to play hard and do my best but when the play is over I like to make sure that everyone is good and make sure no one is hurt or has any other problems

  34. I say my sportsmanship is a 9/10 because I try my hardest to hype up my team from the side line and the only reason I don’t give myself a 10/10 because I don’t go to other teams to hype them up

  35. I would say I have a 8/10 because even though I some times have a bad attitude I will always help the opponent if they are injured like one of my recent games

  36. my sportsmanship is a 7 because i always try work hard and do my best but when the race is over I usually make some small talk with the guys at the finish line cause we both out here just trying our best

  37. my sportsmanship is probably a 7 because i always work hard and try my best but after the race is over I usually make some small talk with the guys at the finish line cause we both out here just trying our best

  38. I would give myself a 9/10 on sportsmanship, sometimes I am a little dirty and if it’s our rival it gets heated but I mostly am a good sport.

  39. I would give myself between an 8 or 9 for sportsmanship because I really respect my opponents no matter who they are. I believe that good sportsmanship can really help a team grow.

  40. I would say my rating would be an 8 I don’t go out of my way sometimes to be extra sportsman like but I never respond back to opponents and I always shake hands

  41. I would say mine is a 9 because I’ll tell people good luck before the meet and during and after I’ll tell them good job but there is times where I’m to competitive

  42. I would give myself a 7 because I love seeing people work as a team on the course, especially if they aren’t from the same team! I think I strive to achieve that in my running and races, but I have room to improve.

  43. I would give myself a 7 because I love seeing people work as a team on the course, especially if they aren’t from the same team! I think I strive to achieve that in my running and races, but I can always be better!

  44. I would rate myself 8/10 because I usually help people out, cheer my teammates on, and I know that it is a game most of the time I don’t get mad and yell at other players and the refs

  45. I would say 7-8. When an opponent player is feeling down i empathize and try to cheer them up but when an opponent player is being unsportsmanlike, i tend to be unsportsmanlike as well.

  46. 7, I like to check in on people’s situations before practice and games, when teammates look down I try to talk to them and help them out a bit, but I could be more talkative

  47. I rate myself a 9 for sportsmanship because I respect my opponents at every game and always say “good game” at the end of the match.

  48. I think. My sportsmanship is about 8, I am usually nice to all my opponents. However when I get into game. I could be mean in order to distract the other team.

  49. To begin sportsmanship is a great thing due to the fact that we can reflect on everything and everyone that we are giving in a positive matter is good to do this because sportsmanship is such a great and crucial thing toward human activity that we need to do this in order to have people and appreciate the amount of people that are playing sports. Also the better sport that you are makes you a better person it does this because in research articles Sean the 95% of people that play sports are actually happier when they’re enjoying their time and doing your time in sports is actually a huge letdown and can crush a lot of peoples dreams in the course how they want to play sports. This is also needed and supports are in the world due to the promotion and the man of money that is going into the sports with having a lot of money in sports promise a lot of people to play in people in some neighborhoods that might not be able to provide the game that people want to play to the flag of income like a food and other lacks resources that people do not have.Sports are also a great thing to have in communities due to the amount of fun and exercise they give in really bad local communities it’s a great local counter to and drugs and violence and stuff like that to be playing sports it’s for most portion ship worldwide and just in your local Township and group. What sportsmanship also does is it helps the community into being something better than it already was with children being nicer they tend to be more invested in their community and invested in their friend groups helping the community and making a better place petition is good things as young child it becomes good and better for everyone when they have sportsmanship in the right manners to succeed in the world that it has become today. Another good example of a sportsmanship as good as I can relate it to my football team Brighton football team sportsmanship is a very good way of thinking things due to the amount of respect and stuff that comes from sportsmanship Russell has a great influence on the team we had today and in the locker room it just makes an a lot better place playing with people that I really like and then I don’t disapprove of two to the sportsmanship in their character being good. Also with my sportsmanship it makes other people better people due to the fact that you don’t have to worry about little problems and they can just have a fun time playing the sport that they truly love and the love of the game is really why most people play the sport they play today doing this process you want to play sports and makes it have better in funner times playing this for today love to play. I love sports in this world but they’ve come to competitive to the point where it’s not even fun that’s why sportsmanship provides a great idea logical explanation to solving all the problems that are needed in dissolving it’s the sportsmanship problem it’s much needed community as you can see the Mets article that plant fans were doing players due to their lack of winning in the game but that is not fun you need to have great sportsmanship all around to promote people to play sports and be better and love the sport that they play all together. I love my football players in my football team very much to the point where I would not want to give them up for anything but like a sportsmanship in today’s world is really taking away stuff that I’ve really love since I was a young child in the need into sportsmanship around the world we provide that are we talk about people getting to know sportsmanship and manners a whore that’s why people need to know it’s part of the bar because it’s not known it’s gonna be taking away from people just like myself to find in need of playing sports in their community without this some communities will have gone to not great places and people will start to leave to lose the lack of sports in their community. In conclusion sports in this world today I become a very great and settle things without sportsmanship and then it becomes and not fun and great place for people around the world people in this world need sports his composure ask ticket them off bad dangerous places that some of them might live in for example in the tree football is a big part of the support that they play house with basketball Also it gives them a nice great part of the day that they can look forward to other than he’s dangerous place that they are in without sports some people might need to go back to resorting to drugs in the streets unlike people need to demand of people that need to be looking into sportsmanship is through the roof supposed to ship is the most important part of playing sports in many peoples eyes with us first and ship sports or even sports the front of the camera goes away and everything is forgotten it lost the people are playing sports is all about possibly needing this world more than ever today I thought people learning about it it might become a very very bad thing in this world without sports to look back on or to play and remember throughout the history of the world today. With people learning how to play sports is very important that they learn how to use proper sportsmanship in the world today with playing a sport without this sports or not sports. And will never be the same again without sportsmanship in this world today ever and ever.

  50. I would rank my sportsman ship at a 9/10 and heats why. My sportsmanship is never perfect nor is anyone else’s. We all get a little heated up with fans or maybe other players and coaches and we sometimes make the choices we shouldn’t. But overall it’s very very important that we do show Sportsmanship anyway even if it’s after the game. if you have bad confrontation during the game, show your sportsmanship after the game, go to the person you had a little mishap with and apologize and compliment each other after the game and forget what happened. We also should help the other team out at times to. When an opponent falls down and is struggling to get up, help them up make sure they are okay. Accept compliments from fans and thank them is another great way to show sportsmanship as well, I do that all the time. these little things may seem little but, it shows a lot. Another great way of showing sportsmanship is if a person comes up to you and they’re ticked off; just keep walking or don’t acknowledge them. Acknowledging a person could lead to unsportsmanlike consequences. Just keep your cool. You keeping your cool and ignoring what another person says or does will show good sportsmanship. There’s a lot of ways to show sportsmanship; but there’s also a lot of ways of showing unsportsmanship to. Never start fights with players or fans or other coaching staff, don’t say offensive language, don’t get into confrontations with game officials and leave that to the coaches to handle. Of course stick up for your teammates but there are some dos and donts. Ne ever cause injuries either on purpose… accidents do happen though. Don’t cause pain on purpose to another player on the other team. If it happens on accident help them up or to the side liens and most of all make sure they’re ok. Respect the other team and their players and coaches and fans and just maybe they will do the same. Another good way is cheer teammates on. Got a teammate feeling down? Lift them up and and motivate them. Always cheer your teammates on.

  51. I would say a 7 or 8 because whenever someone gets hurt no matter what team their on I try to help them, and I complement people if they do good

  52. I say around a 7-8, i usually try to be as nice as i can to people on the feild, even if they don’t really return the favor, but there are still alot of areas that i can improve on in the sportsmanship category.