The Longest Line of Kindness

The Longest Line of Kindness


At a Dairy Queen in Brainerd, Minnesota, a gentleman at the drive thru spontaneously paid the bill for the individuals in the car behind him. When that car drove up, the manager told the driver what had happened. The driver was in disbelief. This driver decided to pass on the good deed to the next car. The next driver was equally ecstatic and passed her good fortune on to the next car load of passengers.

How many people would do this? 5? 10? 20? The acts of kindness continued the entire day of Thursday. It then continued the entire day of Friday. It then continued thru most of Saturday. Over 900 drivers from 900 cars decided to pass on this good deed for 2 and a half days. For many, it was a community thing. They heard about it on social media and wanted to keep the chain going. Others were genuinely shocked and just got caught up in the spirit.

Joe’s Perspective: This is an inspirational story about humanity. In a time when we are supposedly so divided.  In a time when we are reportedly so selfish. And yet this small community in Minnesota showed us otherwise. As the manager said, “In tough times, no matter what is going on, just take care of each other.” Think about how this feel-good story made the community feel. Think about the excitement of the staff at the restaurant. In the end, it is just a great story. Maybe it will inspire other great stories across the country.

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  1. I thought that this article portrayed some of the best traits of humanity. It inspired me to be kind to everybody and always have a positive outlook in life.

  2. This story reinforces the saying kindness goes a long way. Doing something kind for someone can spawn a snowball effect which will influence many others. Really just a show of the power of kindness.

  3. Okay, so we read one of your blogs every week for our homework in our leadership class and this one is the one that has impressed me the most so far. I guess it might be because I just think that the chain went that long with that many people raising that much money was really cool.
    It could also be that I realized this is true charity. December 4 of 2020? When things looked terrible and people thought that nothing could make this situation get any better? It may be that people feel more spirited and kind during the holiday season, but this story brought me almost to tears. The story in Brainerd, Minnesota is a special occasion, maybe even a once-in-a-lifetime occasion of the community coming together and bringing love, hope, and JOY to a world and people who really need it at the time.
    I strive to be loving at my school and in my community and to make a change in society and I know now, more than ever, we need charity like this to help people’s hearts grow. So, for this holiday season of 2022, I will be looking for ways to start a line, or chain, of love and kindness in my community.