True Heroes: A Story of Courage & Bravery

True Heroes: A Story of Courage & Bravery


Imagine that you are on spring break and going out for a late bite to eat.  Suddenly, a car races past you and crashes into a tree and bursts into flames. What do you do? Seriously? What would you do?

Well, Cody Decker and Luke Vaughn, two teenagers from DeWitt High School in Michigan, MI, found themselves in just this situation on April 4, 2012 in Florida.  Literally, without hesitation, Vaughn called 911 and Decker raced towards the car to provide immediate assistance. Despite running 1/4 of a mile, they were the only ones to arrive on the scene. They found a man and a woman trapped inside, screaming for their lives.  Decker broke the driver’s side window and had to bend the door frame to get the couple out of the car safely. Together, the boys dragged the couple to safety.

Jessica Lopez, the daughter of the the woman in the crash said, “If it wasn’t for them, we’d be attending two funerals right now.” This is probably true. Others saw the crash and did nothing. These 17 year old boys responded. They responded with courage. They responded with bravery.  They responded with good judgement. They responded with immediate action, which is what the situation required. I am wondering, out loud, if you or I would have acted similarly.

Please watch 1 or 2 of these clips. Take a few minutes to honor these true heroes. (local story) (national story)


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