Welcome Back, Fall 2013!

Welcome Back, Fall 2013!

While most of the schools in the Midwest and Northeast parts of our country don’t start until after Labor Day (3 weeks from today), I know many of you are already back in the class room (hurts, doesn’t it). Some schools in Arizona and California have already been in for a week.  My sympathies to those students and teachers who had their August stolen from them.

As the author of this class and the textbook, I want to welcome you. There are over 20,000 students from 1,600 high schools and middle schools using this material this year. Some students are in a home-room, some are in an elective class and some are taking this to receive English credit. A few students are as young as 6th grade and some are seniors, but most are probably in 9th grade. This course is used in all 50 states and another 8 countries. This includes students from every ethnic background that I can name.

For those of you who don’t know me, please watch the intro video under the leadership principles. Your teacher should have the password to gain access. I want you to get to know me and me to get to know you. Communication through this blog using Twitter and Facebook is the only way I know how to make that happen. I want us to create a national conversation from classroom to classroom, state to state. I want to hear what you have to say.

My responsibility is to provide at least one new blog post per week. I will mostly provide my viewpoints on current events related to character and leadership. I want you to 1) be aware of these events and to 2) develop your own thoughts, opinions and viewpoints and to 3) help create a national conversation via Twitter and Facebook.


 Your responsibility is to:
  • Create a class Twitter and/or Facebook Account to provide responses to my social media questions at the end of each blog post and leadership principle.  Your teacher might also allow you to create/use personal accounts to provide your feedback as well.
  • To receive new blog posts, follow me on Twitter @CDandLeadership or like my Facebook page, Character Development and Leadership.
  • Respond to the social media questions at the end of each blog post and at the end of each leadership principle. Please use appropriate #’s when using Twitter.
  • Monitor your accounts to read my responses to your responses and to see what other students from around the country/world have to say.
  • Keep your comments respectful.  Don’t swear, attack/bully/put others down. This is healthy debate. Be respectful at all times.

Your Turn (follow us & tweet responses to @CDandLeadership using #CDandL):
1) What school, city and state are you from? Grade level? Ethnic background?
2) What questions do you have for me (Joe Hoedel, author of this class)?

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