Welcome Sports Blog – 2023

Welcome Sports Blog – 2023


This is the first blog post of the 2022 school year. Typically, this is about a current event related to sports, but today I just want to hear from you.  I also want to introduce you to this program – an app-based program we call the Student Athlete Program.  This program is designed to improve the character, sportsmanship and leadership of high school athletes.  This program should be fun and engaging. It is not supposed to be “one more thing” or “something you have to do.”

Each week, we ask you to complete the five lessons. It will take you approximately 12 minutes per week. This is a minimum expectation that creates maximum benefit. We release these 5 lessons each Sunday. We expect you to complete the lessons and answer one reflective question after each lesson. Your responses will go directly to your coach’s app. Your coach will select one of these five lessons and bring it into practice once a week to lead a meaningful conversation with the team. Week 1 focuses on goal-setting. Each week thereafter focuses on a different trait.

To teach each trait, you will receive 5 daily lessons via our app. Each day of the week is different and the format looks like this.

  • Monday Life Lesson – Powerful pre-recorded life lessons delivered by coaches and athletes.
  • Tuesday Sports Blog – Dr. Hoedel authors a sports-based blog about current events related to character and leadership.
  • Wednesday Role Model – Students read about a sports role model that exemplifies the traits covered in the program.
  • Thursday Dilemma – Students respond to sports-related ethical dilemmas to teach decision-making skills and ethics.
  • Friday Movie Clip  –  Segments from character-based popular sports movies are viewed and discussed.

Purpose of Blog: Every week I will write about a sports-related current event about character and leadership.  In the blog, I usually provide my perspective, a video link and discussion questions. The purpose of this blog is to make a simple point – character and leadership matter today!  Some of these stories will be inspirational and some will teach tough lessons. Sometimes it will be about someone who ruined his/her life with one bad decision and sometimes it will be about a selfless act that positively changed someone’s life.

My Hope – Read It, comment and be inspired:   To be honest, I spend 2-3 hours every week researching and writing these blogs. For each post, I will provide discussion questions. Respond to them and let me know what you think about the story. Be articulate. Don’t just say you disagree – say what you disagree with and back it up with a solid rationale. Keep it clean. Don’t swear or put down other students’ views. This is a character and leadership site, so I will filter comments that are non-productive. I hope that these blogs will inspire you and that one or many of them will change the way you approach life.  I believe that students can be inspired and want to be inspired. People and stories can be the source of that inspiration.

Your Turn:

  1. Tell me what state you are from and the name of your school.
  2. How do you think improving your character and leadership will help you in athletics and in life?

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  2. 1. California, Los Gatos Highschool
    2. I think it will help me be someone people can look to for help or support, make my team stronger, and make me and the people I interact with more comfortable and confident

  3. I am from Vermont and I go to colchester hight school I think that improving on your character and leader ship will help improve upon team work witch will in the long wrong help with communication passing and other aspects of our game.

  4. I am from Milton Vermont, but play volleyball at Colchester high school. I think by improving my character and leader ship skills, it will help me become more successful later on in life. I think it will prepare me for difficulties I’ll have to face later on as well.

  5. I am from Colorado and Chatfield Senior High school.

    I think improving my character and leadership will help me in my athletics and in life because it’ll make me become more independent and have the opportunity to do more.

  6. I’m from California and the school I go to is foruna high and I think I can improve my leadership by being a better o line man and hyping my team up for the games.

  7. I’m from California and the school I go to is foruna high and I think I can improve my leadership by being a better o line man and hyping my team up for the games..

  8. Vermont
    Colchester high school
    I think there are many different reasons why leadership is a very helpful way in your life it’s an important part of your personality and athletics in your life and can be used for ever in your life and others

  9. Hi! I’m from Los Gatos High School in California.

    I believe improving my character and leadership will help me in my athletics and life because it’ll provide me with a good foundation to make smarter decisions. It’ll also help me be more aware of my surroundings, be more considerate of others, and be able to problems solve any challenges I may face.

  10. California, Los Gatos Highschool
    I think if I improve my character, I will be able to help other improve with sports as well as be more open to corrections and help from others

  11. I am from California and attend Los Gatos High School. Improving my character and leadership can help me inspire and motivate my teammates and peers.

  12. Los Gatos High school California
    I think improving my character and leadership will help me not only in athletics but in tough job situations as well

  13. 1). California, Los Gatos High School

    2). I think that it can help me in sports because of the mindset that i want to have and the attitude and effort that I put into certain things in life and my sports.

  14. 1. California, Los Gatos High School
    2. I think that improving my character will allow me to be a better teammate; someone that others can count on and someone who can remain calm and take control in stressful game situations.

  15. 1) California, Los Gatos High School
    2) I think that improving my character and leadership will help me be a role model for others, both on the field and out.

  16. 1. Los Gatos Highschool, California
    2. I think it will help me connect better with my teammates and work better with others both off and on the field

  17. I’m from Colorado chatfield high school

    This will help me because it will make me a better person and how to handle things like conflicts better and how to be a leader at work or school

  18. 1. Valley Center High School, California.
    2. I think learning positivity and perseverance is crucial for doing anything in life and I know that being positive and persevering helps others do the same. Teamwork makes the dream work!

  19. I am from California and I go to Fortuna Union High School. I think by improving my character it will help me be a better teammate and be a better player .

  20. I’m from california and I go to fortuna high. I think improving my character will help me become a better version of myself in athletics and life.

  21. I am from california and I go to Beaumont High school. I’m currently involved with track , want to improve myself in many ways. I want to be out there as a leader for others and myself. I want to improve on having a better mindset and taking any opportunities I have more seriously.

  22. North Webster Highschool in Springhill Louisiana. I think that improving my character and leadership will help me in athletics and in life because it will just help me be better

  23. I am Bella and I go to Fortuna Union High School. Ways I can help improve my team is by hyping them up and always being positive even during the harder times, because that’s what a good teammate does.

  24. Washington state, Walla Walla high school.

    I think that it will help me keep my remarks up and motivates them that it’s okay if we lose pre are losing in games or practices and they should keep there head up because that’s why we practice is to get better and work as a team