Composure! Composure! #Composure!

Composure! Composure! #Composure!


It was a rivalry game in the SEC Conference – #6 ranked University of Florida vs. unranked Louisiana State University. 1:49 seconds left in a 34-34 tie game. LSU had 3rd down and 10. The quarterback threw short and the wide receiver was tackled for a short gain. 4th down. Florida had 3 timeouts and more than enough time to take the lead and win the game…

…Except, Florida defender, Marco Wilson ripped the shoe off the LSU wide receiver after the play was over and chucked it 20 yards down the field – for no apparent reason. The result was an unsportsmanlike penalty, which amounted to a 15-yard-penalty and an automatic first down for LSU. About one minute later, LSU kicked the game winning field goal.

Joe’s Perspective: I’m sure Marco Wilson is a good kid. He probably played a solid game. However, his momentary lapse of judgment cost his team dearly. No one can say Florida would have won, but I would have liked their chances in that situation. Marco lost his composure. I don’t even know if he threw the shoe out of anger or out of joy, but it doesn’t matter. I wonder how his teammates felt after the game. I wonder how Marcus felt after the game.

Your Turn: If you were a teammate of Marco on Saturday, what would you have said to him after the game.

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