Composure! Composure! #Composure!

Composure! Composure! #Composure!


It was a rivalry game in the SEC Conference – #6 ranked University of Florida vs. unranked Louisiana State University. 1:49 seconds left in a 34-34 tie game. LSU had 3rd down and 10. The quarterback threw short and the wide receiver was tackled for a short gain. 4th down. Florida had 3 timeouts and more than enough time to take the lead and win the game…

…Except, Florida defender, Marco Wilson ripped the shoe off the LSU wide receiver after the play was over and chucked it 20 yards down the field – for no apparent reason. The result was an unsportsmanlike penalty, which amounted to a 15-yard-penalty and an automatic first down for LSU. About one minute later, LSU kicked the game winning field goal.

Joe’s Perspective: I’m sure Marco Wilson is a good kid. He probably played a solid game. However, his momentary lapse of judgment cost his team dearly. No one can say Florida would have won, but I would have liked their chances in that situation. Marco lost his composure. I don’t even know if he threw the shoe out of anger or out of joy, but it doesn’t matter. I wonder how his teammates felt after the game. I wonder how Marcus felt after the game.

Your Turn: If you were a teammate of Marco on Saturday, what would you have said to him after the game.

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  1. As an athlete on any sports team, your attitude and behavior is seen being on behalf of your team. I was very unsportsmanlike and childish to throw a player’s shoe from the rival team. I would’ve told Macro to keep himself together next time or competitive sports isn’t for him.

  2. He should have thought about how his actions effected is teammates instead of acting out, which you shouldn’t do anyways as an athlete.

  3. I would have told him that it wasn’t right and made him look dumb, and to tell him to try and keep his cool next time.

  4. Confronting him
    head on won’t do much for the team and will probably just make him madder that what he did cost the game, rather you let the coach deal with the attitude and you worry about how does with you in game

  5. I would have told him that he made a mistake that cost us the game, and I would not want him to play the rest of the season.

  6. That you have to keep yourself together in the game no matter what because you won’t know what will happen next and to just do what you need to do so you can get the job done

  7. My man shouldn’t have done that. He’s been through countless practices all to give it up for a shoe. Florida wasn’t gonna make the playoffs anyways though so it’s not as big of a deal

  8. I would have let the coach handle it because they would be best equipped to deal with the situation. Anger would not have helped the situation more and could have created more problems.

  9. My man shouldn’t have done that. He’s been through countless practices all to give it up for a shoe. Florida wasn’t gonna make the playoffs anyways though so it’s not as big of a deal

  10. You have to keep yourself together to show yourself, coaches, and teammates that even when facing adversity you know how to keep control within yourself

  11. That should never happen because it was a very stupid thing to do and also you should have a lot more respect for yourself and your teammates and after he did that it meant he didn’t care about his teammates because that action cost his team the chance to win a national championship.

  12. I would have talked to him afterwards about what went on. Normally as an athlete you have to learn to control yourself in these situations

  13. I wouldn’t have been very happy with him, and I would try and make him see that the team was not happy, but we will not make him upset over his actions.

  14. I would have talked to him and tried to come from an understanding perspective. While I understand his passion for the game, you have to keep your head for the teams sake.

  15. I would have pulled him aside and just told him he has to stay level headed under pressure, while also maintaining a cool demeanor since you I couldn’t go back and change it.

  16. I would have held Marco accountable and told him that he is better than that. I would make sure that he learns from his mistake so that it does not happen again.

  17. I would told him his actions were unnecessary and cost us the game. I would tell him how important it is to keep his composure especially in a moment like that and to do something so dumb.

  18. I would make sure that he knew how his actions affected everyone else on the team, and try and help him figure out why he did it.

  19. we can all get out of control with are actions but we have to be able to realize and control them. But we have to make sure as teammates we let them know if it wasn’t the correct thing to do

  20. Instead of showing composure in a last minute tied game, this football player instead scored his team a 15 yard penalty for ripping off one of the opposing teams players shoes up and chucking it 20 yards. And in that penalty shot the other team scored a field goal and won the game.