Election Post #2: “STOP IT”

Election Post #2: “STOP IT”


Since the election, there have been several racial incidents at schools. According to video evidence, white students have chanted, “Build the Wall” to Hispanic students and at another school, students began chanting, “White Power.” It seems that some idiots are taking Donald Trump’s victory as permission to expose their racial hatred toward another race. This is completely unacceptable.

Since the election, the FBI has reported an “uptick” of bullying and racial incidents. This type of behavior has no such place in our schools and in our society. Quite frankly, it makes me sick to my stomach. Administration and teachers need to be hyper-vigilant about such behavior until everything settles down. Students, this is a time to really come together and watch each other’s back.

I believe that both Barack Obama and Donald Trump need to get out in front of this yesterday and show some leadership. Donald Trump, in particular, needs to tell America that this behavior will not be tolerated. To Trump’s credit, during his first interview as president-elect, he responded quickly and adamantly, “I am so saddened to hear that. To that I say, STOP IT.”

Your Turn:

Have you witnessed any racial incidents at your school? What can you do if you saw this happening?


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  1. No not yet. but i have been hearing about it at my old school and it needs to STOP. It is cruel behavoir to others or are peers, My hope is that they add a part to the bullying laws that stop this type of acts.

    1. I have not seen any racial things go on like this at our school but in other schools it needs to stop happening. What I would do I would tell adults to get the kids to stop saying these things. I would also try to tell them to respect one another because we are all human beings so we should respect one another.

  2. yes I did and I let them fight because i’m not gonna get hurt they were stronger and a cop was already trying to stop it.

  3. Yes I have witnessed racial incidents, and what I would do to stop it would be to tell someone because im a little baby to step in and tell them to stop so i wouldn’t do that…

  4. I have not witnessed any racial incidents in my school, for the most part students in my school are respectful to each other.

  5. I haven’t witnessed any incidents yet in my school, but that doesn’t mean its not happening. No one should be treated like this no matter what race you are. If i saw this happening in my school i would ask a teacher if they could do anything about the racial comments. I believe all the kids including me, has been influenced by our parents and others who may follow. I completely agree with you, it all makes me sick to my stomach.

  6. I have not witnessed any racial incidents at my school. I have heard some small jokes from some immature students who I wouldn’t even waste my time on, no because I don’t care, but because they wouldn’t. They all just think its okay if it is put out as a joke but its really not. I don’t even think they know who they are.

  7. I have witnessed racial comments in me school. Most of them are jokes but they still hurt the person. I can go get a teacher or an adult to stop it, because if I get in it I could get hurt or get in trouble.

  8. I have not witnessed and racial comments towards anyone but this is for sure not right and I believe everyone should be treated equal no matter who you are and what president canidat won or lost the election. I dont think it is right for students to walk out of school protesting because most of the students are not old enough to vote. The students should have been using their “voice” when the president had not been picked yet.

  9. I have not witnessed any serious racial comments towards anyone. Most of the time, kids at my school throw the election around as a joke and don’t take it seriously. I don’t think students should be involved with the election because most of the time, we don’t even know what we are talking about. All the information we know are the things people post on social media.

  10. I have not witnessed any racial discrimination at my school. I feel very grateful for being in the school that I am in and appreciate not having witnessed seeing anything shown in the video above.

  11. I have not witnessed any racist behavior, but I have noticed and felt tension around my school the days following the election. Everyone has the right to be respected and people should take into consideration that many people are genuinely afraid and their feelings are valid.

  12. this is the biggest issue i have with trumps presidency. individuals feel that racist and misogynistic behavior is somehow acceptable now and justified by trumps power. The influence trump has over naive, uneducated people deeply troubles me, its like nazi youth. He encourages unacceptable behavior that in turn makes minorities feel as if their lives are threatened by being in public places like school..

  13. I have not seen any racial incidents in my school. But If I did I would have say something to stop it then I would tell an adult. Its not okay to be made fun of or called names because of the color of your skin or where you are from. We are all people whether it be black white Hispanic Asian Muslim christian Jewish gay or straight etc… It doesn’t matter because we are all the same on the inside.

  14. I have not seen it happen in school yet, but if it were to happen then I would say that it should stop because all people deserve the right to feel safe at school and not have to worry about people judging them just because of their race or ethnicity.

  15. I haven’t seen any racial incidents in our school. Sometimes my friends and I will joke around with each other, but we are friends and we don’t mean it. If I saw this happening I’d probably just talk to them and try to solve the problem maturely.

  16. I not personally seen any racial incidents at my school, but if I did, I could deal with it by either letting someone of higher authority know about it, or i could try to stop it myself by reminding them we are all human beings and we should all be treated with respect.

  17. I have not personally witnessed any racial incidents at my school. If I saw this happening, I would get a trusted adult involved because this is such a serious issue and I think that if people my age tried to get involved, it may worsen the situation.

  18. From being in a school that has over 2000 students in it yes there have been fights but none that are over race that I have seen or heard about. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion you can’t control what they do or how they act, there is not a reason to me to start shouting “build the wall”.

  19. I myself have not seen any bullying, but i have heard jokes and most of the time they just laugh it off. Now if it was bullying i could always just tell them to stop it or go get a teacher, either way if anyone is bullying others about it, its not acceptable.

  20. Yes, I have witnessed this a couple of times, but mostly near and right after the election. It’s mostly just about “Building a Wall”, and people making jokes like that. But that still doesn’t make it okay under any circumstances. I think it needs to stop. But when I did witness these incidents, I would try and distract them by striking up a different conversation with a different topic other than politics.

  21. I personally have not seen any racial incidents at my school, but if I did I would probably have to give my reasoning to those individuals about how racism isn’t okay. As well as basically do what I had to do to handle the situation, whether it was to bring an adult into it or handle it myself. All I know is I wouldn’t tolerate any type of racism.

  22. I feel that the majority of kids talking about politics only say what they hear their parents say. I’ve seen more kids use the election to bring attention to themselves than actually bully someone about it. There is no need to bully someone with your opinions. There are plenty of better ways to get your opinion across instead of harassing someone.

  23. I personally have not witnessed any racial bullying incidents at my school but I’m sure it does happen. If I saw this ,something I could do is, tell the instigator or the racist off, and tell him that that’s an inappropriate comment to like aloud, and to keep his thoughts and opinions to himself.

  24. I have not witnessed any racial discrimination in my school, If I did I would stand up for the person that they are being mean to.

  25. No i have never really witnessed racism like this that wasn’t someone just joking around. And if i saw this happening i would alert a teacher and confront whoever the bully is.

  26. If I witnessed any racial discrimination in my school I would stand up for the individual receiving discrimination. I would not condone the behavior at all.

  27. Thankfully I am not witnessing any racial incidents and I hope you don’t witness any either. Be ready though as it may just happen.

  28. I have noticed some racial judgments at my school. I’ve seen kids mock other kids by what they wear, how they talk and blame it on the color of their skin. All I could do if I saw this happening would be alerting an adult to stop this and try and get them to just walk away.

  29. I havent saw much of any racial slur going on at the school, but if i had, i would just ask them to stop because it wouldn’t be okay

  30. I have not personally witness any racial incidents, but I have heard students say racially offensive things to be fun or because they think they’re cleaver. I would probably try to defuse the situation or tried to break it up.

  31. First, it is your right to openly show your political opinion about a candidate. However, it is not okay to racially discriminate, especially in a school. Its not okay to let someone discriminate against a race because it is extremely hurtful towards that race or specific person that they are talking about.

  32. I´m wondering why kids are chanting about this they´re in middle school But if I were one of the kids I would inform an adult right away.

  33. In my (almost) four years of being at Fondy I have only seen racist incidents occur in locker room or private settings. The confrontation of the students involved are usually due to outside situations and every time there has been one a teacher has been present to break it up.

  34. Personally, the only racial discrimination I’ve seen are jokes between friends. If I were to come across any real racial discrimination, I would probably tell the person to grow up.

  35. I have overheard people making racist remarks at school a few times. I think people should be more tolerant of each other and see everyone as equals. Everybody should feel accepted and welcome while at school. I think calling the person out on making a racist statement is something we should do because those remarks aren’t acceptable.

  36. I have never witnessed any racial discrimination in my school, if I did I would probably stay out of it or just ask the individual or individuals to stop.